Why are civil society reports so important to the UN process?

Submitting a well-researched and reliable “Shadow” or “Parallel” Report can influence what questions the Irish Government are asked. Such a report can provide evidence to amend or challenge information provided by the State if that information is not complete or correct.

The examination in Geneva is an opportunity to focus the international spotlight on issues of concern for Irish civil society. It can result in strong recommendations, called “Concluding Observations”, from the UN Committee to the government and government commitments to take action. This is a unique chance to tell the true story of human rights in Ireland.

The pre-sessional working group of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights has stated it found Our Voice, Our Rights very useful in formulating the List of Issues given to the Irish government in December 2014. The Government must now respond to these questions before 17 March 2015.