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The Our Voice, Our Rights campaign is running right up to June 2015. when the UN will call the Irish state to account on its record on economic, social and cultural rights. While the Parallel Report was submitted to the UN expert Committee in October 2014, we will be updating the evidence and information from civil society on how rights are being protected, respected and fulfilled on the ground right up to June. 

If you or your organisation wishes to update information already covered in the report, or if you have identified an issue that the report omits, please get in touch!

You can e-mail us, outlining the specific economic, social or cultural rights issue and the relevant Article (you can read more about the Covenant in the 'About ICESCR' section). You can also give us a call at 01-887 3600 - ask for Yvonne O'Sullivan or Kevin McCague who are working on the campaign.

A good way of keeping up to speed on the campaign is to follow us on Twitter - we'll be posting regular updates and interesting links.